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Hey Everyone,

 my name is Jasmin Kearse and I am the founder and CEO of Fountain of Life Coaching Services, LLC. My vision is to see my clients walking in totality of health, mind, body, and spirit as it is God’s will for us to be in good health. My belief is that the road to wellness begins within and my mission is to lovingly help my clients look within themselves to identify there “why” and build from that point.


My Road To...

wellness was built from trauma, pain, and abuse that I faced from my childhood into my adult life. The result of the trauma, pain, and abuse that I faced caused me to have low self-esteem and I lived on survival mode. I suffered in silence for most of my life because part of my abuse stemmed from manipulation that I experienced, so I never thought anyone would believe me if I shared what I was going through.

As A Result...

I continued down a road of abusing myself through what I ate, considering all I knew was to continue the process of hurting myself. Weight loss was a surface solution and after countless times of being unsuccessful, it finally dawned on me that it was God’s will for me to be in good health and that I needed to seek The Lord for my own healing. Once I opened my heart to being healed internally, I finally was able to see true transformation in its totality.

Colorful Food

At Fountain Life,

 I stand on faith, transparency, integrity, and self-confidence. I will use this platform to educate my clients with nutrition coaching, meal planning, juicing and smoothies, and plant-based recipes. My services are based on the individual needs of my clients and can be purchased individually or in a bundle. I look forward to serving you on your road to wellness.

-Love always,



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